Senthil Chandrasegaran



I have had the opportunity to conceptualize and develop designs in both the physical realm of product design and the digital realm of human-computer interaction (HCI). There is a surprising congruence between the design processes in both realms: I start with design sketches, select and refine ideas based on discussions with the team or the customer, and finally prototype and refine the design over time. On this page, I have some select examples of this design process in HCI and product design.

HCI & Data Visualization

Most of my HCI projects listed here are part of my research on making sense of design collaboration through multimodal data. They prominently feature visual analytics, i.e. the use of interactive visualizations to facilitate analytical reasoning. More recently, I have started to include personal/fun projects to this list.

VizScribe: Representing Designers' Behavior using Visual Analytics


A visual analytics-based framework to help researchers make sense of multimodal data from design sessions. Browser-based framework, implemented in HTML5 and JavaScript.

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Visual Analytics Support for Qualitative Text Analysis


An approach to sift through unstructured text data for qualitative analysis using the grounded theory methodology. Web-based interface, implemented in HTML5 and JavaScript.

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Comparing Sketching Performance between Paper and Digital Media

sketching study teaser

A study comparing the ease of tracing and sketching between the traditional pen/paper medium and digital tablets using finger, capacitive stylus, and a stylus with digitizer as input media.

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Design & Prototyping

My design projects listed below are mostly part of graduate courses in design and prototyping. As in the case of my research projects, these are also the result of teamwork, many late nights, and tremendous fun.

Autonomous Can-Collecting Robot

robot teaser

Design and implementation of an autonomous can-collecting robot, completed as part of a graduate course in mechatronics. Project involved computer-aided design, fabrication, and Arduino programming.

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Insufflator Trocar Redesign

insufflator teaser

A redesign of an insufflator: a device for inflating the abdominal cavity in preparation for laparoscopic surgery. This was done mainly as an exercise in (re)design for manufacturability and assembly.

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This page focuses on my design portfolio. For my photography work, click here or select the 'photography' link on the main menu above.